Personal Development

Sect Involvement 

1967 aged 12 years of age my mother gets me involved in the notorious Melbourne Australia sect called “The Family” 

Fortunately, I was not one of the children adopted by the cult leader.

This introduced me to meditation and Eastern spiritual philosophies. I read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda and ” Science of Breath” by Yogi Ramacharaka


Swami Muktanada

!974 aged 19 years old I met Swami Muktanada from India in Melbourne Australia. I acquired an alternative way of living based on Indian chanting, philosophy and vegetarian food.

Four visits to India 

1975 – 2 months 

Staying in the Ashrams/ spiritual communities of 

1/ Ramana Maharshi Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu State South East India

2/ Swami Muktanada Ganeshpuri Maharashtra State India

3/ Nisargadatta Maharaj  Mumbai Maharashtra State

1976 – 2 months 

1/  Swami Muktanada Ganeshpuri Maharashtra State  India

1977 – 8 months 

1/ Swami Muktanada Ganeshpuri Maharashtra India

2/ Ananda Moyi Ma  4 months Haridwar Uttarakhand state  North India

3/ Ramakrishna and Ma Serada Devi Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) West Bengal

4/ visited the family home of Paramahansa Yogananda and met the last living relative of Yogananda. Sanada Lal Gosh, Yogananda’s youngest brother  Kolkata West Bengal State

5/ visited the ashram of Yogananda’s Guru, Sri Yukteshwar Puri Odisha State  East India

1996 – 1 month

1/ The Mother and Sri Aurobindo Pondicherry Tamil Nadu State South-East India

2/ Sathya Sai Baba

 Puttaparthi, Andrah Pradesh State

3/ Mata Amritanandamayi  Amritapuri Kollum Kerala State

4/ revisited Ramana Maharshi Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu State South East India


Findhorn Foundation/Community Scotland U.K.

I visited in 1979, 1981(7 months), 1992 and 1996 


1983 E.S.T. Erhard Seminars Training

1985 L.R.T. Loving Relationship Training by Sondra Ray

2000 Tantra training 1 week residential in  Byron Bay NSW Australia with Margot Anand

2000 David Deida 12 day workshop Byron Bay NSW Australia

2000-2002 Core energetics body psychotherapy

2015 Joel Bauer I attend ProfitPoint 20 KL Malaysia March 9-15 2015 conducted by Joel Bauer  Mastering the art of presence, pitch and persuasion

2019 Dr Reggie Ray American Tibetan Buddhist

I studied with Reggie who teaches body descent meditation