Personal Development

 Sect Involvement 

1967 aged 12 years of age my mother gets me involved in the notorious Melbourne Australia Sect called “The Family” 

Fortunately, I was not one of the children adopted by the cult leader.

This introduced me to meditation and Eastern spiritual philosophies. I read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda and ” Science of Breath” by Yogi Ramacharaka 

The Family

Swami Muktanada

1974 aged 19 years old I met Swami Muktanada from India in Melbourne Australia. I acquired an alternative way of living based on Indian chanting, philosophy and vegetarian food.

Five visits to India 

1975 – 2 months 

Staying in the Ashrams/ spiritual communities of 

1/ Ramana Maharshi Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu State South East India

2/ Swami Muktanada Ganeshpuri Maharashtra State India

3/ Nisargadatta Maharaj  Mumbai Maharashtra State

1976 – 2 months 

1/  Swami Muktanada Ganeshpuri Maharashtra State  India

1977 – 8 months 

1/ Swami Muktanada Ganeshpuri Maharashtra India

2/ Ananda Moyi Ma  6 months Haridwar Uttarakhand state  North India

3/ Ramakrishna and Ma Serada Devi Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) West Bengal

4/ visited the family home of Paramahansa Yogananda and met the last living relative of Yogananda. Sanada Lal Gosh, Yogananda’s youngest brother  Kolkata West Bengal State

5/ visited the ashram of Yogananda’s Guru, Sri Yukteshwar Puri Odisha State  East India

1996 – 1 month

1/ The Mother and Sri Aurobindo Pondicherry Tamil Nadu State South-East India

2/ Sathya Sai Baba

 Puttaparthi, Andrah Pradesh State

3/ Mata Amritanandamayi  Amritapuri Kollum Kerala State

4/ revisited Ramana Maharshi Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu State South East India


2023 – 1 month in India

Sri Puram  Vellore Tamil Nadu

Ramana Maharshi  Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu

Sadguru Isha Yoga Centre Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. Pune Maharashtra


Osho International Meditation Resort  Pune Maharashtra

Anandamoyi Ma Ashram  Pune Maharashtra 

SRF Self Realisation Fellowship/YSS  Ashram.  Dwarahat Uttarakhand

Babaji’s cave  Kukuchina Uttarakhand.

Findhorn Foundation/Community Scotland U.K.

I visited in 1979, 1981(7 months), 1992 and 1996 

1983 E.S.T. Erhard Seminars Training

1985 L.R.T. Loving Relationship Training by Sondra Ray

2000 Tantra training 1 week residential in  Byron Bay NSW Australia with Margot Anand

2000 David Deida 12 day workshop Byron Bay NSW Australia

2000-2002 Core energetics body psychotherapy

2015 Joel Bauer I attend ProfitPoint 20 KL Malaysia March 9-15 2015 conducted by Joel Bauer  Mastering the art of presence, pitch and persuasion

2019 Dr Reggie Ray American Tibetan Buddhist

I studied with Reggie who teaches body descent meditation


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