Finding Personal Power Within Your Body

To exude power is to assume you have it. So many people I see are out of touch with their personal power. Where in the body does it reside? In the Indian system it resides in the solar plexus and in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system it resides in the dantian 1/...

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The Various Implications Of The Neck

I've found neck issues are invariably secondary to the thoracic spine. Thoracic hyperkyphosis or hunch is pandemic due to the usage of smartphones, computers and driving. It's not uncommon to see people texting with their heads at 45 degrees. That's 22 kg acting on...

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Secrets of Longevity

We are all fascinated by the people who live longer than 100 years because they seem interesting not only to the general public but also to scientists. Centenarians are observed to dodge any risk factors that may cause quicker death. Even after death, scientists tend...

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Longevity of life

Living a long and happy life is what everyone dreams and hopes for. Young people want to live to be as old as their grandparents, grandparents want to live to see their great-great-grandchildren. That is the cycle of life, longevity some people call it, and for the...

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